You probably didn’t leave your education or career to chance. Why would you leave finding the right person for you up to fate, luck or even online dating?

We are personal matchmakers focused entirely on real life connections. There are two ways to be part of our  service. The first is as a client. The second is as a  partner i.e. a potential match for our clients.


Our relationship with you begins with an in person conversation. If after you meet with one of our personal matchmakers we both decide that we are  a good fit for you and you are a good fit for us: we develop your personal matchmaking plan. This is a custom program designed for your specific needs. Through this program, we guarantee that we will connect you with people who both meet your “nuts & bolts”  requirements ( these include lifestyle, appearance, worldview, character traits) and will also be a fit with some of the more intangible elements that make us who we are.

After you begin meeting with quality, single people who share your same intentions for a relationship; we will work together to identify what fit and what didn’t. Meeting quality people with the goal of finding THE person  for you is a process of refinement. Each meeting will move us closer to finding you the right one, not just any one.

One other very important thing,  creating a lasting relationship is not just about them! Who you are and who you portrait yourself to be need to be aligned in order to find a real relationship.  We’re committed to bringing out your best qualities before you meet your match. We do this by having very frank discussions and sometimes making gentle suggestions about how you can authentically be your best self.

How do we do it? 

We conduct our work for you very much like an executive search.  Our first focus is you. Only after we feel we have  a deep understanding of who you are and who you are seeking do we begin our search. Our primary tool is conversation but, we also use quantitative character assessments to add depth to our understanding.  We also ask that all of our clients go through a background check.

Depending on who you are and who you are looking for we utilize many search resources including our existing and ever growing network, our recruiters who are from many walks of life, events and in some cases discreet advertising. Feedback after each introduction is the fuel that drives us to your right one.


We are seeking quality, single people who are serious about finding a real relationship. If we contact you as a potential partner, it’s because we see a spark  in you that may be a fit for one of our clients. After an initial phone conversation, we set up a time for a face to face, in-depth conversation with you to learn about who you really are.  If after our conversation we mutually decide to introduce you to our client(s), then we ask that you sign a release for a basic background check and also request to speak with one personal reference  so that we can hear a little bit more about you from a close friend or colleagues perspective.  Our clients have invested their time, emotions and have made a financial investment. We want to be sure that anyone we would introduce them to shares their commitment to finding a high quality relationship.


When you become our client or partner, you entrust us with the most personal aspect of your life. We take this honor/responsibility very seriously. Communication is key in any relationship. We speak with you on a regular basis to review our progress.Connecting two people who are meant for each other is the GREATEST JOB IN THE WORLD. It also takes tremendous hard work and diligence. We promise that our efforts are both transparent and effective. 

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