How about you take your friends to dinner at the wonderful Coup d’ etat on me and we send one of my clients and one of your amazing friends on a great date?
How to win: The first person or team to put me into contact with an outstanding person ( they must be outstanding because my clients are and I only introduce them to their equals;-)) who I introduce to one of my clients wins the $100.00 gift card to Coup d’etat.
If I  introduce one of your referrals to a client but your referral submission followed another winning referral, you will receive a $10 gift card to the coffee shop of your choice.
Either way, we all win because we are doing the good work of bringing good people together which is a reward in itself. Wouldn’t you agree?
Here are the rules and tips:
DEADLINE: You need to contact me by NEXT Sunday, April 6th, with your potential referrals/matches. The gift card will be awarded based upon the order that I receive referrals.
  • Read the description of who I am looking for my clients.
  • Ask yourself if you know any deserving single people  who fits these general descriptions.
  • If yes, talk with them and see if they are willing talk with me and perhaps meet one of my fabulous clients.
  • If yes,  email me at and include your contact information. We’ll talk and see if there could be a good fit. I do research all of my clients and possible matches verifying education, profession and also checking to be sure that they are actually single and an upstanding human.I do not conduct invasive searches such as financial history or credit checks. I do try to get a good perspective of who they are in our world.
  • If yes, I will connect with your friend to learn more about them and to see if they might be a great match.
  • If yes, and yours was the first referral, you win the Coup d’etat gift card!
  • If yes, but your referral submission followed another winning referral, you still win a $10 gift card to the coffee shop of your choice!
  • If no, there is still a win to be had because I am always meeting new clients and I also collaborate with other private matchmakers so, even if your friend isn’t the right fit at the moment, they will now be in a pool of great people who can be introduced to other great people.


If you want the gift card AND want good things for your single friend or acquaintance, it is in your interest to start the conversation with me asap because while my descriptions of who I am looking for are a good start, the more I know about your friend, the better job I can do determining if they will be a fit. Also, the two keys to winning are like voting: vote early and often! I.E send great referrals, send many and do it ASAP!

TEAM UP! Unless you want that gift card all to yourself, why not work with a few friends and celebrate your win together?


As with my clients discretion is assured for your friends/contacts.
My clients are highly desirable individuals.  They have gone through background checks,extensive interviews and I speak to personal references as well. I only take on clients that I genuinely like. Otherwise, I couldn’t help them. 
 I am currently seeking the following matches:
1. Heterosexual Women 
-Goal Oriented, focused and a high level of integrity and conviction
-Extremely health conscious and active
-Comfortable with a very driven, career focused man
-No Children but wants children
-Very Family Oriented
– Serious about finding a husband i.e. done with dating just to date
-5’7 or less
-Must have a belief system. Agnostic is fine as long as she is open. No Atheists
-Must be interested in meeting a  mid -thirties, never married,extremely athletic, successful entrepreneur who is ready to start a family.
2. Heterosexual Women
-Very Sophisticated, highly refined
-With or without children but does not want any more children
-Enjoys travel to Central America, Mexico and Coastal SE U.S.
-Must be a self proclaimed and comfortable Christian
-Very physically fit
-Must appreciate a man who is on the quiet side until he gets to know her
-Must be interested in meeting an extremely fit, self-made, very successful, reflective, Christian Man in his early 50’s
3. Heterosexual Women
-With or without children and it’s okay if she would like more children
– Must really enjoy being outdoors and enjoy hiking, boating, biking
-Must be very emotional and expressive
-Must appreciate a very forthright and big personality
-Must be seeking a serious relationship
-Must place a  high priority on health and wellness
-Must have a spiritual life but does not to be “religious”
-Must enjoy spontaneity
4. Heterosexual Men
-Extremely Active
-Refined interests such as the Guthrie, travel, fine/adventurous dining, the MIA
-Intellectually  curious. It’s not necessary that he has formal education but must be very intelligent and a life-long learner.
-Must be interested in meeting a curious, refined, very active woman
-It would be great if he didn’t drink alcohol but, this isn’t mandatory
5. Heterosexual Men
-Must be extremely active and engaged/engaging
-Preferably very active in their world/community. This could mean Politically active ( left leaning is preferable), volunteerism or charitable activities, coaching, fundraising etc..
-Must have an appreciation of wellness and living a sustainable lifestyle
-Must be educated. Graduate or terminal degree preferred
-Must be very confident and comfortable with an assertive, creative, independent career driven woman in her early 50’s. She is also highly educated, very physically fit and cultured.
-Ideally would have a strong appreciation for art, design and culture in the Twin Cities area and also in other cities.
6. Heterosexual Men
-Open hearted, fun-loving
-Must enjoy being active but also enjoys relaxing
-Health conscious but not obsessively so.
-Flexible ( can enjoy a range of activities from biking, a Twin’s Game, cooking or a live concert)
-appreciates dogs
-Interested in meeting  a vibrant,fit,  highly educated and cultured women who is close to his age
-Must have some sort of spiritual life and or a clear moral compass leading a principled life
7. Gay Men
-Highly Educated  … either formally or informally
-Must have a true appreciation for Philanthropy and for the Arts
-Great sense of humor..preferably on the silly side
-Seeking a monogamous relationship
-must appreciate a partner who is devoted to his career but, will make time for a real relationship
-must not be an atheist but agnostic or ‘alternative’ spirituality is fine
-Concerned about health and wellness but, not obsessed
-family oriented i.e. has close family and or friends
– Assertive
8. Heterosexual Men
-Very creative
-Highly educated
-Family oriented but no children at the moment
-Inquisitive, cultured and kind
-Urban Dweller
9. Heterosexual Men
-Competitive and Successful
-Appreciate Urban Life
-Older( 14+) or no Children
-Assertive and Confident
-Have a strong orientation toward socializing and maintaining family connections.
-Active but not obsessed with the Gym.
Thanks for reading! May the best matchmaker win.
Feel free to pass this message on to other interesting and wonderful people ( if you can stand the competition;-).
XO, Sheila