“Sheila introduced me to 8 wonderful woman. However, I was frustrated because I was still missing the connection that I was hoping for. I was really discouraged and really did try to back out of my 9th introduction. I was tired of being let down. Sheila wouldn’t let me back out and thank goodness she didn’t. I met the absolute love of my life. We are engaged and cannot believe how amazing it feels to be truly loved.” JC


Sheila told me that I would marry my husband on the day that he and I met. I thought she was out of her mind but, 8 years of happy marriage later, I think I was wrong.” Georgia


I had been dating and looking for my match for 15 years. One day, Sheila told me that she knew someone who she had met years before who would be a great fit. She tracked him down and 4 years later we are living together, engaged and just adopted our first puppy.” Maria