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Start from the good

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Ok, if you are curious about personal matchmaking then  it’s pretty likely that either you aren’t content with your romantic life or you know someone who you think shouldn’t be content with their romantic life.

When we aren’t content with something in our life, it’s easy to stay focused on what doesn’t appear to be “working” or “right.” We tend to try and try to “fix” these things. Our entire focus can turn to what we feel is off or not what we desire. We can begin to obsess about fixing what is wrong in the hope that once that part is “fixed,” our life will be what we have always wanted it to be.

I would like us all to take a lesson from my Yoga teacher today and see things from the opposite perspective. She directed us to focus our mind and awareness to what felt good. As a yoga instructor, she explained it like this, ” Breathe into the places that feel good and let that spread to the parts that are stiff or uncomfortable.” Yes, it’s very “yogi”-ish but,really, I think it’s wise.

Try it. For the next few days, instead of dwelling on frustrations or parts of your world that might be disappointing at the moment, try identifying what actually feels good and what you are pleased with or proud of.  Focuse on what is right and working. This will begin to make the challenges soften and shrink. Just try it.

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