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Stop talking after you’ve made the sale!

Posted By on July 6, 2013 in Out of your way! | 0 comments

While we are 100% for you being you, the real one, there are a couple things to keep in mind as you begin to let someone know the real you.

First and foremost, when you are first getting to know someone, stop talking. We aren’t saying not to converse but, more listening and responding is always better than more waiting to talk and telling. If your date is someone who you will continue to see and get to know, you will have plenty of opportunities to show them who you are rather than tell.


Also, after you’ve asked for the date and they have agreed, Stop talking/convincing! ¬†Please be extremely sparing with texts before the first date. Remember you don’t know who you are writing to and have no ideas whether ¬†or not they are brilliant enough to fully appreciate your amazing sense of humor or insight into current events. Save it. Wait.

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